Smart modular energy system

Universal source of electrical energy, which is charged from the power grid, a generator or PV solar panels.

A solution for home and outdoor usage

Adjust the capacity and power by number of modules

Adjust the capacity and power by number of modules Each module already includes all necessary elements of the power supply system and does not require additional spendings

The modular system is maintenance-free, extremely easy to use and works on the principle of plug-and-play

The lifetime of WATTS power module is no less then 10 years

Technical specs

Operating temperature: -30 +50
Weight: 8 kg
Output power: 1,5 kW
Capacity: 1,2 kWh
Charge in 60 min
Output: 220/12/5V
Input: 220/24/12V

Smart functions

Mobile application allows user to fully control the power supply system, to obtain accurate statistics in real time about the work of all elements of the power grid

It provides full integration with a smart home cloud based system

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